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N26 Review

With N26 you get a bank account, German IBAN and a super simple app interface to your phone. With their beautifully designed Mastercard, you can get cash from any ATM without fees.

N26 bank account

The N26 mobile bank account is not just a prepaid travel card but a fully featured bank replacement. You get a Mastercard debit card with your name on together with a German IBAN number for your account. You can control all debit card and account settings from their mobile app and website.

It's your Mastercard card and you have the full control of it. You can change withdrawal limits, lock the card or change the PIN code directly from your phone. Both app and the N26 card is very secure with instant push notifications, 3D security and you can immediately lock your card if it gets lost. If you don't shop online you can disable e-commerce and foreign payments.

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Setup fees

It's free to sign-up and use N26 Bank. The debit cards will be sent with standard mail from Germany when your ID verification is completed. It usually takes 2-4 days to get delivered depending on destination. You can opt in for express delivery (€25 fee) in Germany only.

Monthly fees

There is no monthly fees when using N26 Bank right now, since the monthly fee of €2.90 is waived for new customers. If you're based in Spain or France, you may find an inactive fee of €2.90, if you don't use your card at least 3 times a month. N26 is using the Mastercard rates.

N26 Black

For €9.90 per month you can get the exclusive N26 Black card. Beside of the super cool matte N26 Black card, you also get free foreign currency ATM withdrawals, extended warranty, phone theft protection, travel insurance. It's a perfect card for international travelers.

Last updated: October 20, 2017.